Kristine Lackey - CWO Partner - Boulder CO, USA 

Kristine works primarily with women who wish to investigate and alter the status quo. 

Since childhood, Kristine has been called a "seeker with an opinion". She always felt different as if she were merely witnessing life happen around her... always wanting to be a participant but never really knowing how. She would constantly study and challenge authority with the desire that someone would finally give her the "missing link". She has studied with a multitude of teachers, researched an endless amount of self-help modalities and traveled in order to discover the "secret" to living. She found herself with a Masters Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and was ready to step onto the PhD track when she realized that it was finally time to stop and begin listening to her own heart. Shortly there after she woke up to a very simple reality... the secret was right there inside of her the entire time and the only thing preventing her from seeing it was HER! And most importantly, she realized that she was powerful beyond belief and there had never been anything missing in the first place.

Through her new found ability to trust the inner wisdom she had discovered, Kristine’s life began to expand and a new career of seminar leader and producer was born. For ten years, she and her husband traveled extensively presenting to groups and offering one on one work to people of all ages and walks of life. She was able to offer tools for profound transformation and exquisite personal growth. The most difficult ones in the groups soon became hers to support, crack and nurture. She was aptly called “The Hammer” for her ability to spot unconscious issues and bring them to the forefront in a fierce yet loving way. Her clients have experienced huge life transformations in areas pertaining to romance, business, parenting, eating, and more.

Kristine has 2 beautiful children (Riley 8 and Ryder 4) and chose to take a 2 year sabbatical in order to focus her attention on their needs and to grow herself in the presence of 2 of her most brilliant teachers. Now she is back offering her expertise, love, and compassion to anyone wanting to move beyond their limitations and toward a more effortless, enriched, and amazing life. Her focus is on women who want to investigate and alter the status quo; who want to stand more confidently and firmly in their convictions, dreams and aspirations; those looking for more clarity, direction, and accountability when moving toward their deepest intentions.  Kristine also has a passion for working with women who are struggling with weight and body image issues. She was able to completely conquer anorexia, bulimia and over eating and is THRILLED to help others get there too!

Skip Lackey - Founding PARTNER - Boulder CO, USA

Lackey has been involved in the personal growth, leadership and wellness industries for over 30 years.  He has personally worked with over 10,000 clients, taught over 1000 workshops and done over 1000 personal appearances.  He was the CEO for Evolution Unlimited - a personal growth seminar company.  Was the President of Conscious Company Worldwide Inc. - A leadership development company that trained and certified Visionary Leadership Coaches. He was also the President of The Journey North America - and trained and certified over 450 Accredited Journey Practitioners in the US/Canada/Mexico. He is currently bringing his years of experience to a new website - (coming soon) which will provide stress reduction solutions to medical professionals and business people.

He sure knows how to have fun too as Lackey spent over 25 years working in the Entertainment Industry in every way imaginable. During his interesting career he performed live for well over 1 million people on Broadway, Movies, TV, Commercials and was even a Game show host and Ringling Bros Clown.  He was also a Producer/Director/ Writer for Motion Pictures and TV.  Some of the companies he worked for include ABC, NBC, TBS, ESPN, The Golf Channel, Nike, X-Games, Walt Disney Companies, Nickelodeon, Radio City Productions, Samuel Goldwyn Productions, to name a few.

Modalities: Neuro-Liguistics Programing, Senior Visionary Leadership Coach, Business Coaching, Presentation-Live and TV Coach, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner, Hypnosis, Nutrition, Strategic Planning, Conscious Communication, Holotropic Breathwork and more. Lackey combines his vast business, entertainment and personal growth knowledge along with his heart and compassion to be the perfect addition to your team as your Chief Wellness Officer.

He lives in Boulder CO with his wife Kristine and has 3 children that range from ages 22 to 5.

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Bill Macleod - CWO Parner - New Zealand / Australaisia

Bio Coming Soon!

Arnold Timmerman - CWO Partner - Spain / All of Europe

Dutchman Arnold Timmerman has been working around the globe since 2004. As a coach, trainer, facilitator, seminar presenter, author and keynote speaker he has been introducing the power of concept-free authenticity & inspiration into people’s lives – both privately and professionally. Arnold is revered for his paradigm busting yet playful focus on self-inquiry and for his never ending willingness to lead individuals, audiences, teams and organizations beyond the horizons of ‘the comfortable known’. These elements have all been embodied by his innovative work called Leadingship. 

Leadingship strips away all conditioned ideas and attachments of who we should be – as a person, parent, friend, colleague, coach, manager, CEO and even as a department or organization. It then opens the doors to an uncompromised engagement with any situation from the starting point of who we are – individually and systemically. That’s where key stakeholders become available to sustainable inspiration rather than being locked into a position of controlled influence.

So far, Leadingship facilitation within organizations has led to reduction of work-related stress, burnout and absenteeism. It has fired up cultural change, innovative leadership styles and automatic job rotation & creation. Its multi-faceted applications allow for an overall health & wellbeing of all available human capital. 

When not working, Arnold is loving life in the Spanish mountains as a husband, father or leader of his dog pack. Or he is exploring new horizons through paragliding, skiing & snowboarding, climbing, hiking, trail running and scuba-diving.

For a full overview of Arnold’s work and experience, please visit his LinkedIn profile: You can also visit his website at: 

                                       Elevating the Growth of YOU and...Your Business

Kiran A. - CWO Partner - Seattle WA - USA

Bio Coming Soon! 

"Coming together is the beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success."

-- Henry Ford - Industrialist --

Annette Nolan - CWO Partner - Toronto CANADA

For the last 35 years Annette has been compiling a broad base of experience in vastly different roles – juggling entrepreneurship and Corporate life. Each of these roles has offered an integral piece to an evolving, wellness-based mentor who will relate with people on many different levels, and who can bring real practical experience to the table to deal with a variety of issues.

Annette spent 25 years in the corporate world working for Coca Cola, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Enbridge. As a tax accountant she dealt both with senior management and Federal and Provincial governments. She is well versed in the pressures of decision-making where millions of dollars and thousands of employees are at stake. Her innate understanding of what people need and want helped her negotiate the high pressure world of major corporations.

Throughout the journey of her life the desires to understand herself and to help people pushed Annette in the direction of the Health and Wellness field. She investigated and studied a vast variety of different modalities seeking and following a path that instinctively felt right. Annette holds certificates as Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner and Certified Visionary Leadership Coach. Currently she melds different philosophies together, incorporating ‘gems’ from her broad experience into her regular practice and her workshops.

Annette’s one-on-one and group practices grew to the point where it made sense to offer diversified services to people trying to increase their sense of comfort and satisfaction with life. For the last 10 years Annette has owned and operated ‘It’s All About You’ a successful Wellness Centre. Her personal practice is now augmented by a Naturopathic Doctor, Massage Therapists, and a variety of Counsellors and Practitioners whose diverse expertise covers a broad range of needs. At the Centre Annette presents and hosts Health and Wellness events, personal growth events, and intensive workshops.

Annette Nolan is comfortable in the corporate environment and has years of healing modality experience. To the table she brings openness and a straight-forward, down to earth approach to any issue and looks forward to being part of her evolution and a new facet of her ability to help people in their growth. 

On a personal level, Annette holds a sincere loyalty to her large, close-knit family who have remained side-by-side in support of her. She holds strong family values and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and her dog Eli.

Joel Young - CWO Partner - London UK / All of Europe

Joel Young is a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness with nearly 20 years experience of facilitating transformation internationally. He’s the Creator of the unique NPA Process, a truly elegant approach which facilitates deep clarity and powerful mindset shifts to maximise the potential of individuals, groups and organisations.

Joel originally worked in IT & Marketing in the field of Orthopedics but made the career shift when he became fascinated with consciousness and human dynamics.

Over the years, Joel has also trained in and excelled at The Journey Method, NLP, Shamanism, and The Work of Byron Katie (Author of 'Loving What Is').  He regularly appears on international radio and has contributed to and written magazine articles published around the globe. Joel's vast experience is the foundation of his private practice on Harley Street (London).

Joel is also on the board of The Evolutionary Business Council, a global network of influencers and thought leaders committed to mutual support and collaboration with the common vision of making the world a better place and a profit along the way.

Joel's skill is in identifying and tweaking tricky relational dynamics and bringing organisations from a discordant phase into renewed alignment, harmony and common purpose. He is renowned for his dynamic, humorous and clear manner and has a knack for communicating the essence of a topic in a simple, heartfelt and easy to digest way.

Laurie Collins - CWO Partner - Byron Bay, Australia

Currently on MATERNITY LEAVE having her second child!  Congrats to Laurie and her husband Brendan!

Laurie is passionately driven to help people and companies find ‘happiness’ in their workplace, home, personal and spiritual life.  As a Director of an international personal growth seminar company which, had a multimillion dollar turnover, she experienced time and time again, that when a person is happy their talent shines and in turn so does the culture and wholeness of the company.

Ambitious from a young age, Laurie graduated university with a First Class Honors degree in Marketing and Design, the highest honors classification and academic achievement in the UK.  She then fast tracked her career working for international advertising and marketing agencies in London with clients and brands such as Cadbury’s, MTV, Dolmio, MasterFoods, AOL, Fiat and Burger King.

Quickly she became disillusioned by the glitz and glamour of the marketing world and so began her quest for wholeness within the workplace, which in turn meant happiness within. Marrying personal happiness with career and job satisfaction became her passion and in turn for her desire for her employees, company and clients.  Laurie has a natural intelligence with a razor sharp ability to assess and deconstruct any situation to its simple truth.
Having spent the last 17 years in the wellness industry, Laurie has acquired a wealth of knowledge and tools which have supported her in teaching seminars globally and setting up international companies both in the US and Australasia.  Alongside this she has facilitated and managed Practioner Programmes, developed corporate wellness workshops and mentored CEO’s on cultural and corporate wellness in person-centered businesses. 

Currently living in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia since the birth of her first child 4 years ago, Laurie has taken all she has learned and applied it to one of the biggest career challenges of her life – Motherhood. Today she continues to creatively help and inspire both men and women to find new ways to wholeness, happiness and balance in all areas of life.