2X - Two-Year ROI

EXPERTS SAY - Sustained healthy behaviors among employees have a lot to do with improving a company’s bottom line.  A healthy business culture is the necessary first step to a two-year return on investment that typically reaps an average of $3 in savings for every $1 paid in administrative costs.

Who We Are

Our partners here at MyChiefWellnessOfficer.com come from an impressive range of backgrounds and wellness educations. Our staff’s diversity lets us find the best solution for making your business healthy and successful. We come from a variety of disciplines, career paths, and personal growth backgrounds, ensuring that our approach considers all angles. Basically, whatever your needs may be, we can help. We are committed to meeting your needs and the needs of your team and won’t rest until you and your business are completely "healthy" on all levels.

want to know what's going on with your business?

Look at what's going on in your life!

What We Can Do For YOU!

​Business' are made up of people.  And people have "people problems" and issues.  And it all starts at the top.  When senior leadership is operating at the highest and best level of performance... that has a direct effect on employees.  We can implement "in-house" wellness programs for your employees, give "leadership training" to your managers, "communication workshops" for your staff, motivate your sales staff and bring stress reduction tools to the office environment that will have a HUGE effect on the bottom line of the company.  


                                       Elevating the Growth of YOU and...Your Business

23rUpcoming Events

* PRAXIS Project - Start 2016 Off With Clarity and Focus!

- Live & Online Event - Starting 11/22 - with Skip Lackey - FULL

* PRAXIS Leadership Academy - Engagement Leadership Training for Managers and Executives

   Module 1 -- May 26th-30th Just north of Toronto Canada - Email for info

* Onsite and Remote Private Executive Coaching
  Ongoing Sessions available now!

* Master Meditation for Less Stress in the Workplace

  Link to site: https://meditationprescription.com/

* The Journey Workshop - April 23rd-25th  Saskatoon        for more info:http://thejourneyna.com/listin/?ee=161

* Healing with Conscious Communication - 2 1/2-Day

   Saskatoon SK - May 20-22 - for more  info: http://thejourneyna.com/listin/?ee=157